Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Xenogals: 'Xenogears'

"Xenogals: 'Xenogears'"
You already know my love for Xenogears, and also female characters. And a long time ago, I wanted to do personified versions of the various gears in the style of Mika Akitaka's MS Girls (which in turn are based from Mobile Suit Gundam). I decided to re-explore this though, starting with the titular gear.
Every time I draw anything of the Xenogears gear, I gain a new understanding of its complicated form, and this one probably gave me the least issues with its pointed glory. Obviously, I based the base girl off of its pilot and main protagonist Fei. Something I'll probably continue for the duration of these illustrations.

July 13, 2016
  Sakura Pigma pens, normal pens, Prismacolor Markers, and gel pens
on 8.5x11" cardstock

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