Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Year of the Comet

"Year of the Comet"
(MS-06S Char's Zaku II / Commission)

Another commission by Tom Winnicki for his and Ashley Moore's 3rd year anniversary. The theme was, obviously, Char Aznable's infamous "3x faster" trope, so I seated the couple in the captain's Zaku cockpit. A few interesting challenges from this included keeping the attire in the realm of U.C.0079, doing the decals and graffitti on the Zaku itself, and lastly, doing a sky with hazy colony interior visible. Despite my best efforts, this one ended up being a bit late due to unforeseen health and work issues, but still managed to tough through it and get it done for him.

Jun 11, 2014
Ink pens, Micron pens, Prismacolor markers, colored pencil, chalk pastels, and gel pens
on 11x17" cardstock