Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Fears, My Lies

"My Fears, My Lies"
(Sora and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II)

Ironically, my first piece of fan art for Kingdom Hearts II, and ended up being one of the most work-driven and lengthily ones from my entire career! This was an ambitious project, as I colored it with no defined lineart, going for a quasi-three-dimensional approach, all the colors were applied in constant regard for "realism," despite the conflicting backdrops between the two. The ripples and distortions. All experimental for me, and I went about it in the most roundabout ways possible.
While VERY experimental, this is easily one of my favorite works, even with the flaws I am now much more aware of than I was then. It still gives me a large sense of "I tried so very hard on this and didn't give up even once."

May 16, 2006
Pencil, PainterClassic and Photoshop 7.0
2274x1522 pixels