Monday, February 22, 2016

I Wanna Get the Kitty!

"I Wanna Get the Kitty!"
(Crono, Marle, and Lucca from Chrono Trigger / Gift art for Vinesauce
Over at Vinesauce, Vinny is playing Chrono Trigger; arguably one of the best RPGs ever made, and his self-proclaimed favorite game. When he was messing around on his second stream trying to "catch the cat" in the sewers in 2300 AD, something inspired me to do a piece reminiscent of Akira Toriyama's original illustrations for the game.

I actually did the lineart for this piece twice, as the first time I did it was heavily rushed to display on their booru (to which he showcased that night). I decided I could do better, to which I feel I did indeed. To keep in line with the mock-style of Toriyama's works, I had the new lineart printed onto parchment paper to give it a bit of mood toning. Using the white pencils and gel pens on this colored paper really pops the highlights. The Vineshroom on the wall was a last-second addition to the lineart before coloring to personalize it to the stream.

 February 22, 2016
Micron pens, Pigma pens, Prismacolor Markers, charcoal pencil, colored pencils, and gel pens
on 8.5x11" celery parchment paper.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

First and Last

"First and Last"
(Xenogears, Elly, and Fei from Xenogears
February 10th, 2016, marked the 18th anniversary of Xenogears release in Japan of 1998. And it's one of those games where you either never heard of it or it became one of the largest, most narrative-driven, and controversial JRPGs you've ever played, especially at its time. And I still feel it's a game that does not get near the amount of love it deserves, from either fan or its own rights holders, though it plant the seed for Tetsuya Takahashi's two spiritual successors series, Xenosaga for the PlayStation 2 and Xenoblade for Nintendo systems.

For this piece, I wanted to focus on the last scenes of the game, which involved the ultimate reunion of Fei and Elly in the dimensional rift of the final battle. I'd been wanting to do an illustration involving the titular mecha Xenogears for quite some time, however, this proved difficult as it's by far one of the most complicated designs I've ever seen, and can look really strange from the wrong angles... Fei and Elly came together with surprisingly minimal complication, though the lighting style started to baffle me as I approached the lighter shades.
Also, I threw in a hidden "character" for this piece; one that only people who've completed the game would recognize, and even then, may have a hard time recalling. (lol)

 February 16, 2016
Micron pens, Pigma pens, Prismacolor Markers, charcoal pencil, colored pencils, gel pens, and chalk pastels
on 8.5x11" cardstock.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Crystal Flash

 "Crystal Flash"
(Samus Aran from the Metroid series
I guess chalk this piece up to the fact that there was an ability in Super Metroid (and some later games) that I had absolutely no idea existed prior to about a month ago. The Crystal Flash is a technique you can use in truly desperate situations to heal all of your energy tanks at the cost of all your special weapon energies. This places Samus in a healing ball, shed of her armor and otherwise defenseless, but growing strong again.

I tried to tell myself the next time I drew Samus would be in her trademark armor, but it seems I went even further back and put her in less than the last one. (lol) I tried to make this look as soft as possible, but of course, my markers will always leave some rather rough lines, still. Fortunately, using pencil instead of pen for the lineart definitely aided in the light look and I feel countered where the markers were working against me. I actually had to do a little extra digital work on the glow, as one of my markers unknowingly ran out, and I'm not sure when I can replace it. It was a subtle touch up, but one that was needed to complete the effect.

 February 07, 2016
Prismacolor Markers, charcoal pencil, colored pencils, and gel pen
on 8.5x11" cardstock.

Added digital coloration, Photoshop Elements.