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Terra is the main protagonist and wielder of the sword Dual Balance.
A skilled swordsman and hunter for his hometown of Gaf. In his errand to locate the other two fated swords, he will stumble into a quiet war a millennia old.
Within, he will find out the truth behind its bloody past, his blade, as well as his "self."

Terra Altum

Age: 23 / Height: 5' 6" / Weight: 172 lbs.
Birth Date: September 27 / Zodiac: Libra / Blood Type: AB
VI: Chris Patton


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Terra (Ver.2018)

I know, I just redesigned him nary a year ago, right!? 
But, something was bothering me too much about, not only how I designed him, but how I was designing the all characters in general. I felt I was over-complicating them, especially faces. I was so caught up in making things distinct character by character that they ended up over detailed, leading to an almost unintentional similarity. So, I decided to look back at my first drafts from 2004 (Yes, this has been in my head for that long...), and simplified what needed and just let the art and poise do the talking.

Another thing that helps is the size and coloring. Instead of working my usual 8.5x11" stock, I decided to use 14x17" bristol board, allowing me larger areas to better express the details, especially in his armor and clothing. And the colors I wanted to look less "anime" and more fantasy, so I subdued the shading and tried some new blending methods. 
All around, I feel it to be a vast improvement over all 3 of my prior designs of him, all while returning to the roots of my first draft.

I'm also doing a new signature specifically for my personal creations.
June 5, 2018

Micron pens, Sakura Pigma pens, Prismacolor Markers, colored pencils, and gel pens
on 14x17" smooth bristol stock.
Fated Sword Dual Balance ©Studio OZKai

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