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Childhood friend of Elysium, and brilliant archer and scout. 
She shares the same hatred for the group who destroyed their hometown, and with her sight akin to an eagle, she is able to rapid-fire arrows with extreme accuracy.

Iris Loftre
Age: 20 / Height: 5’ 8” / Weight: 138 lbs.
Birth Date: February 21 / Zodiac: Pisces / Blood Type: A
VI: Tara Platt

[Illustration Info]

Iris (Ver.2018)

Her prior design was pretty solid, however I still had problems with the illustration itself. Of course, being an archer, I added some dynamics to her piece, and tried to do so in a less-than-typical way. I still have some issues with the way her face looks, but I'm fairly certain it's more because of the way her hair is, so it may be a non-issue.
Her leather armor has some very subtle color differences that made it difficult to do without crossing colors too much. Luckily, I think I did it right, here.
June 14, 2018
Micron pens, Sakura Pigma pens, Prismacolor Markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and POSCA paint pens
 on 14x17" smooth bristol stock.
Fated Sword Dual Balance ©Studio OZKai

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