Commission Info

I do take art commissions, but it will not be under constant availability, so please leave a message on facebook or e-mail and I will let you know when I'm available. Please give a rough idea of what it is you want and when you need it so I can gauge whether it's possible, because, unfortunately, this isn't my day job. ^__^;;
Thank you!


  • Sketches and lineart: $20 (per page*)
Drafts and designs for a given concept. i.e., Character, weapon, or item designs.
* Does not count my own scraps. Only what is presented in final.

  • Color designs: $30 (per page)
Same as above, but with color drafts, using Prismacolor markers.
These will likely not be "illustration" quality, since they're simply to give a visual to an idea.

  • Character Illustrations (No background / 3 character limit): 8.5 x 11" $40 ~ 11 x 17" $70
Character illustration done with Prismacolor markers. Background will be blank.
(Other mediums may be used in conjunction, but markers will be the primary medium.)

  • Color Illustrations (With background / No character limit*): 8.5 x 11" $75 ~ 11 x 17" $100
Full illustration done with Prismacolor markers.
* Please keep this within reason ^__^;;

  • Portrait Cards (traditional only): $10
Full color portraits done on 2.5 X 3.5" cards, using pens and Prismacolor markers.

  • I will NOT re-do existing illustrations by other artists, as that's profiting off of their work.
  • I will not color another artist's work without their proof of permission first being given. Same as above, I shouldn't make a profit off of someone else's work. Of course, when permitted, credit will always be given. 
(*Exceptions to these are if you are the original artist, yourself, and are looking for me to collaborate with you, which will require proof of authenticity.)
  • I will require AT LEAST a two (2) month timeframe planning and work time for each commission that I approve. This is both to ensure quality work as well as to account for any unforeseeable situations. I will always aim to get your piece done before that time, but as this is not my day job, I cannot always allot proper time for the work necessary on these. Please keep this in mind when sending me a request. If it's needed within a month to a couple days, I will likely not accept your order.

I accept PayPal only, since that's about the easiest way to give and receive payment. I apologize for any inconvenience on this part.

Once notified of piece's completion, I will send a digital thumbnailed proof and payment request. Once payment is confirmed, I will send you a full resolution digital file (300dpi) and/or the physical piece.

If you wish for the physical piece after the commission's been completed, an addition shipping charge of $10 will be required.
It may take me 7-10 days to mail it out to you. If you require rushed shipping, let me know before payment, as it may effect the cost, especially if needed via Next Day Air.
You will receive notification and (if requested) tracking info when shipped.